Life Members

An Honorary Life Member is an associate member of the association. Nominations may be presented by any current financial member and voted on at any general meeting. It may be granted to members who are leaving the profession, have given outstanding service and made a valuable contribution. All Life Members are elected at the discretion of the association and will usually have demonstrated:

Special conditions of Life Membership:

Current Life Members

Graeme Vendy
Jane Elton-Brown
Patsy Venn
Mary Donoghue
Rob Deller

Caroline Cousins
Rodney Ford
Margaret Knurek
Barbara Russell
Mary O’Driscoll

Liz McManus
Peter Ross
Martin Rutherford
Roland Yeung
Stephen Carpenter
Greg Carey


Rob Wagner
Trevor Henley
Colin Turner
Margaret Arnold
Alex Giamoukoglou
Ophelia Bryant


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